Fully enjoy your instruments ! ISI is committed to delivering personalized support for each of its products from start-up and installation of equipment in your premises, until staff training  through maintenance and repair. We have our own in-house calibration laboratory, which allows us to ensure reliability of your equipment over time.

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ISI offers the installation of the ordered systems to provide you with turnkey solutions.

We come on-site and after consultation, proceed to the installation and configuration of the system.


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ISI’s approach is to deliver a complete solution to its customers. To maximize the possibilities of the delivered solutions, we ensure the implementation and user training as well as the support.

This training is dispensed in 2 parts. The first one during the delivery and implementation. The second one happens after users have had time to familiarize themselves with the solution. In this way, new questions arise and help improve the experience acquired as a result of the first part. This solution covers the theoretical and practical part. When the users are changed or when new staff comes, this sequence can be repeated.

ISI can assist customers on site and distance even in some cases through “remote” access. This same approach can solve problems remotely and thereby save time and valuable resources.


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ISI delivers a complete traceable calibration and test service in its own laboratory in order to ensure the long term accuracy and reliability of the measuring equipment.

On request, ISI delivers for each instrument a traceable calibration certificate with calculation of uncertainties.
This calibration can be done in our laboratory, and for some parameters also on customer site.

ISI is able to perform following traceable calibrations :

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Vibration (accelerometers, velocimeters)
  • Noise (level meters, microphones)
  • Speed (optical and mechanical sensors)


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ISI’s Technical capabilities goes way beyond advice.

The company has the staff and the ressources to ensure the service on the instruments whether for the reparation than for the technical adaptations of the products.

Technical Education

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical support if you need technical information about our products and services.
We will be pleased to help you find a suitable solution for your request.