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Some more new products avalaible now at ISI:




Hanwell Synergy Software





Create Synergy between you and your critical environments






Synergy is the software platform system to support many current and all future Hanwell hardware and replaces the current RadioLog software.


Synergy is a scalable browser based database offering a contemporary browser based management system that retains many of the underlying technical abilities of RadioLog8 but viewable in a more modern SQL format and provides significant additional user benefits.


Developed to give maximum flexibility and control of data and events, Synergy has made significant advances in how, where and when data can be viewed and managed across the widest spectrum of customers from the single site/single user through to multiple site/multiple user situations. Synergy also has both standard and bespoke reporting options to meet the simplest and most complex customer requirements.




Spydaq :

Signatrol release temperature and humidity monitoring system


Data logging experts Signatrol has launched Spydaq, a new low-cost wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system for food manufacturing.

Spydaq allows users to deploy sensors in various locations without the restrictions and cost of hard wiring and monitor results from a PC, either locally or any where in the world via web access with easy to use software.

Ideal for food manufacturing and warehouse sites where temperature control is essential, Spydaq offers an affordable alternative to hard wired monitoring systems. There is no capital investment to make since Signatrol is offering the hardware free of charge in return for use of the software especially developed for use with Spydaq.

At the heart of the Spydaq system is a BaseStation which receives data from up to 16 remote transmitters and passes it to a PC either via a Modbus RTU or by GPRS direct to the Spydaq website.

SPYDAQ receiver and transmitters



Star Oddi :

Tagged redfish caught after 7 years — Underwater Tagging Equipment used

The Marine Research Institute of Iceland has been tagging deep ocean perch (Sebastes mentalla) in 5 cruises from 2003 to 2008 at depths from 500 m to 800 m. A total of 2758 fish have been tagged using the state of the art Underwater Tagging Equipment (UTE) from Star-Oddi. Two tags have been recaptured this year bringing the total up to 58 recaptures. One of the tags had been in the fish for 7 years. Recaptured fish did not show any visible injuries from the UTE tagging. The recaptures confirm that this method of tagging fish underwater is successful and UTE is a proven technology.
The UTE is specially designed for tagging deepwater fish that cannot survive changes in pressure and surface temperatures. It prevents the need for hauling the fish to the surface for tagging and release. Less time is spent in handling the fish, which leads to increased tagging efficiency and decreases tagging mortality. Click on the link to read more about the UTE.


Google’s Oceans Program team visits Star-Oddi

Representatives from Google’s Oceans Program team visited Star-Oddi recently in relation to Google’s ongoing support of tracking animal migration using Google Earth . Using Star-Oddi’s tags and analysis software, the animal could be tracked via Google Earth in 2D or 3D by simple importation of the animal migration data from Star-Oddi’s data analysis software, Patternfinder.

Scientists planning to research birds can use our geolocator tag, DST bird, which is a very small light level and temperature logger which can be used to track even small birds. With large amounts of temperature and light data points from tags, the scientist is able to analyse the bird migration route with approximate geolocation (latitude and longitude) at given dates and times.






 sv104 svan 971
Star Oddi Svantek  Svantek
Star Oddi has now released the
new heart rate and temperature
telemetry / logging system !
Svatek released the revolutionnary
The unit is definetly unchallengedand
has been awarded best new product
of the year in north america
 The smallest sound level meter
has been type-approved asa
Class 1 SLM in Austria
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   1-Alarm-status.jpg  ed 549 ethernet 8 analogue input
 Dytran Hanwell  Brainboxes
 The Dytran model 5340 is a unique
and innovative solution 
forfast and
cost effective data acquisition.
 Synergy by Hanwell is the software platform
system to support many currentand
all future Hanwell hardware and
replaces the current RadioLog software.
Ideal for all kinds of industry standard
sensors and transducers. The ED-549 has 8
Analogue Inputs + RS485 Gateway.
It is suitable for high-precision
measurements of voltages and currents.
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