Sound Level Meters & dosemeters:

Noise dosimeters with audio recording, calculation of adequate hearing protection.
Sound Level Meter Type 1 and 2,  1/1 and 1/3 octave filters, FFT, wave recording, high speed data logging

SVAN 979  SV 104 SV 971 
The SVAN 979 is “top of the range” Type 1 sound &
vibration instruments and is designed to meet the needs of both environmental monitoring and occupational health and safety monitoring specialists.
 The SV 104 instrument is a revolutionary new approach
to occupational health and safety noise monitoring offering voice comments and audio events recording functions which are a new concept in an instrument of this size.
 The 971 is our smallest Class 1 IEC 61672 Sound Level Meter and it offers 1/1 & 1/3 octave analyser.


Buildings acoustic :

Omnidirectional sound source.
Tapping machine.
Reverberation analyzer time, EDT, and other parameters.

lookline boule isi

Tapping Machine EM 50


Air quality :

Dust concentration analyzer and logger CEL-712
Air quality Sampling pumps

Vibration meters and analysers:

Analyzers with 1, 2, 3 4 and 6 acquisition channels.
Whole body analyzer and Hand Arm.
Whole body dosimeter triaxial vibrations loggers.



Wireless Thermal mapping kits Hanwell and SpyDaq:

Solutions all in one with PC, RF data receiver and 8 to 250 temperature / humidity transmitters.






spYdaq is a system comprising of a number of radio transmitting sensors that measure parameters and send them securely by using a licence free radio network to a central Basestation.



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