Data loggers and data logging solutions from Signatrol Ltd. We supply data logging systems that fit your application.


Star-Oddi is a manufacturer of innovative scientific research tools, mainly small sized, reliable data loggers for ecosystem and animal studies and real time telemetry temperature loggers. Products include submersible and implantable temperature loggers, and sensors such as depth (pressure), salinity (conductivity), tilt angle, light, humidity, acoustic and magnetic field strength.


  SVANTEK is a Polish company established in 1990. They design and manufacture professional instrumentation for sound & vibration measurement and analysis. Svantek instruments are well known around the globe for their accuracy and reliability. But it is continuous usage of the latest technological achievements that makes them the leading innovative sound & vibration manufacturer. Every sound or vibration instrument offered by Svantek can be delivered with an ISO / IEC 17025 calibration certificate. The accredited laboratory uses state-of-the-art calibration technology and instrumentation and offers the highest levels of knowledge and competence with all its services.


The today’s focus of TIRA comprises technical applications for measuring and testing. TIRA is specialised in the field of user-oriented projects, manufacture, and development of Vibration testing, Material testing and Balancing systems which are nowadays the three mainstays of the traditional enterprise.

By establishing the three special TIRA fields and extending the own mechanical production centre, a business structure being second to none in industry was realised which offers optimal possibilities and benefits to the users world-wide: complete solutions from TIRA company.

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Status Instruments designs, manufacturers and markets innovative electronic devices for the Process Control Industry, including Signal Conditioners/Transmitters, Signal Converters, RH/Dewpoint Transmitters, Isolators, Digital Indicators, Alarms, Power Supplies & Data Loggers.


VibraSens is a European company that designs and manufactures vibration instrumentations such as industrial piezoelectric accelerometers, vibration sensors, vibration transmitters, signal conditioners, junction boxes, low noise cable assemblies, connectors, accessories and calibration equipments.