MOTOR TEST EQUIPMENT Magtrol offers three types of Dynamometers, each with a different braking system to absorb load: hysteresis, Eddy-current and powder. The dynamometers are complemented by DSP-based controllers, power analyzers and LabVIEW™ based motor test software. Magtrol’s dynamometers, electronics and software are used for testing all types of electric and pneumatic motors, gas engines and gearheads, as well as servo drives and inverters. With over 50 dynamometers to choose from, and the availability of Customised Motor Test Systems (CMTS), virtually every motor testing requirement can be met. Dynamometers (HD, ED, WB/PB) Micro Dyne System Custom Motor Test Systems Software…

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MANNER Sensortelemetry  have specialised in the non-contact transmission of sensor signal data for industrial applications. They solve non-contact, bi-directional sensor data transmission problems for rotating or moving parts.

For this purpose they develop, produce and supply:

  • One and multi-channel telemetry systems at the highest sample rates (>400 k sample) in a modular construction employing inductive and radio technology
  • Client specific telemetry systems for special problems
  • Custom made rotating torque transducers for the test stand and industrial applications
  • Economical torque transducers on OEM basis
  • Economical customer specific transmission systems for serial production

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Metra has been developing and manufacturing equipment for vibration measurement since a half-century. Our product range includes piezoelectric accelerometers, charge amplifiers, vibration calibrators and machine monitoring equipment. Signal Conditioners Human vibration   PC Vibration Measuring System VibroMetra Machine monitoring Sensors For structural vibration measurement to DIN 4150-3, BS 7385,  SN 640312a and many other standards like Federal Transit Administration (FTA) standard.NEW in MMF Range : VM40 : Includes high-sensitivity triaxial accelerometer, electronics for signal conditioning, monitoring, recording and battery Safe user guidance Measurement of main frequency by continuous FFT Time and event triggered recording for up to 100 000 measurements VM40B…

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  Monitran’ products include general and special purpose accelerometers, velocity sensors, eddy current probes and LVDTs. They are used in a diverse range of applications, such as; automotive, aerospace, industrial processing, power stations and wind turbines. Also, as an OEM we can design and develop custom built sensors.   Displacement Vibration Proximity Vibration


Each microphone is manufactured exclusively in manual work by their experts. Their range of products contains both measuring and studio microphones that they offer their customers with traditional large and small membranes and as a speciality with nickel membranes as well. For the production of microphone capsules both cast and rolled membranes are used.Offering microphones of highest quality we do not only apply to the technical data but in addition to the applicability of the microphones for the customers in practice.

While doing so we take into consideration – besides the microphone – the whole application environment, that is the acoustic, mechanical and other relevant parameters.



Industries Powelectrics have built up a wealth of expertise in key Industry Sectors. This industry knowledge is at the heart of our expertise. We work closely with clients to design, develop and implement flexible solutions that address the unique needs of that Industry. Our Telemetry & Sensing Products are designed to be easy to install with low cost communications, adaptable software options & powerful yet flexible protocols driving down the cost of ownership.    Industries:     Bulk Liquid Distribution     Factory Automation     Chemical Industry     Water, Waste & Environmental Industries     Leisure Industry     Transport Industry…