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Panel Meters, Large Displays, Factory Software, OEE …

Welcome to London Electronics Ltd. We design and build a wide range of standard and custom large displays, panel meters, message displays, signal conditioners, countdown timers process controllers and OEE or production line displays.

We also write custom software for monitoring and improving production line efficiency, OEE, quality and reducing down time.

Designed to be easy to use, to save you time on site. The Intuitive panel meters, Titan alphanumeric message displays and FUSIONlarge digit display range are advanced products which have a uniquely user-friendly ‘no menu’ approach. A clear, sensible set-up and calibrating method, welcomed by new users and experienced engineers alike.


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Production monitoring large displays to show OEE, target, rate, total, downtime, efficiency and takt

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Digital panel meters and large digital displays, bargraphs, message displays and signal conditioners

Alphanumeric message displays in the Titan range

ethernet converter, time reference, transmitters and oee display

analogue panel meters

Time temperature and humidity large display for factories

Andon Displays, Beacons and Traffic Lights

Weather Station Airport displays

One of many custom made large displays, showing live weather data for installation on airstrips.

large weather display

Modular stacking beacons, towers and andons

A range of modular click-together beacon lamps, fixed size towers (often called andon lights), with protection to IP65 as standard (sounder ASA is IP54), claxons etc.

modular beacons

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Wind speed, direction & Temperature display

Another custom display built for the busiest Airport in Europe, showing windspeed, direction and temperature.

Fully weather-sealed all round, for outdoor use, using the same case and display technology as we use in our popular Fusion range of large displays.

Guinness World Records display

A custom built large display for Guinness, taking votes from people to determine whether they think St Patrick’s day is the friendliest day of the year.

Guinness World Records large digital display

In Irish Green LEDs, of course! Sláinte!

If you don’t see exactly what you want, please contact us and we will quote to make a product to suit your exact needs.