IceSpy wireless temperature monitoring solutions

The IceSpy brand is well recognised across food and healthcare industry sectors for providing solutions to wireless temperature monitoring.

If you have 10 or less :


If you have 10 or more:



IceSpy Notion Lite

The IMC Group are proud to announce the recent launch of IceSpy Notion Lite, a cost-effective and simple to install wireless temperature monitoring system specifically designed for small retailers such as butchers, GP’s, restaurants, high street pharmacies and many more. Learn more about Notion Lite.

IceSpy Notion Pro

Additionally, the IceSpy Notion Pro (successor of System5) brand caters for medium to large companies that require multi-parameter and multi-site temperature monitoring within fridges, cold rooms, storage facilities, vehicles, warehouses, laboratory equipment such as -80°C freezers and incubators. Learn more about Notion Pro.