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The CEL-712Microdust Pro isa rugged, hand-held,data logging instrument for thereal-time detection of airbornedusts, fumes and aerosols.

It has a large colour display and a graphical facility, allowing theuser to instantly view the dust level and trends. It is ideal for walkthrough
surveys of ambient and indoor workplace environments.
A quick, easy to use instrument, giving the user additional
qualitative data which cannot be gained by gravimetric air
sampling methods alone. This extremely versatile instrument
can also be used with a range of accessories for static and size
selective sampling applications.
The CEL-712 Microdust Pro has the highest measurement range
of any occupational dust measurement instrument available on
the market. Up to 500 measurements can be taken and stored
with the large memory. This data can be downloaded into Casella
Insight Data Management Software, where it can be stored and
analysed as necessary. Reports can easily be generated by
location or person using the intuitive report wizard.

The instrument is factory calibrated using a method traceable
back to isokinetic techniques and is conducted in a custombuilt
wind tunnel using ISO 12103-1 A2 Fine test dust (Arizona
road dust equivalent). Each probe is also supplied with its
own unique Calibration Insert, which creates a known optical
scattering effect in the probe’s sampling chamber. This fixed
reference can be used to confirm the original factory calibration
point, although annual factory recalibration is recommended.
Whilst the CEL-712 Microdust Pro comes factory calibrated, by
using an optional TUFF Air Sampling Pump and gravimetric
adaptor, user-defined dust-type settings may be obtained.
This means that the user can calculate a correction factor for
the actual type of dust being measured and ensures maximum
accuracy for their particular application.

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Indoor Environmental Quality – Heat stress – Buildings assessment/Wall insulation


Indoor Environmental Quality


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Since his inception, indoor environmental assessment has been LSI Lastem’s core business. Over the years, we implemented the most complete range of systems to measure the critical quantities defining health and comfort of building occupants.

Net radiometer

Thermal flow between two semi-areas of the environment
Principle Termopile
Spectral range 0,3÷50 µm
Uncertainty 3%
Output µV/W/m2
Range -1500÷+1500 W/m2
General information Housing Anodised aluminium
Protection IP54
Operative temperature -30÷+70°C
Cable L 1 m
Connector Double min-din
Input type on E/M/R-Log N. 2 analog
E/M/R-Log derived quantities obtained – Planar radiant asymmetry,
asymmetry (ISO7730)Mounting On BVA311-313 stands
Data logger compatibility M-Log (ELO009), R-Log (ELR510)
lsi net radiometer pdf

Heat Shield – Portable wireless WBGT meter

Heat Shield includes globe temperature, wet bulb temperature the, dry bulb
temperature and relative humidity and displays on-line WBGT indoor & outdoor
index, Heat Index and Humidex. Thanks to its built-in radio technology,
Heat Shield can support up to two satellite units to calculate WBGT at different
levels (ISO 7243: 1989) or in different locations. When equipped with the
anemometer, the unit can measures the quantities needed to calculate
additional ISO indexes for thermal comfort – Predicted Mean Vote (PMV),
Predicted Percent of Dissatisfied (PPD) – or heat and cold stress – Predicted
Heat Strain (PHS), Insulation Required (IREQ), Duration Limit of the exposition
heatshieldportablewirelessWBGTmeter pdf
  • Quick, reliable and accurate assessment of indoor and outdoor WBGT index.
  • Additional Heat Index, Humidex index calculation.
  • Support for ISO7730 thermal comfort analysis with PMV-PPD indexes, heat
    and cold stress Predicted Heat Strain (PHS), Insulation Required (IREQ).
  • Built-in radio technology for simultaneous, wireless monitoring in different
  • Rated IP54 to withstand harsh environmental conditions even outdoor