Established in 1984, Brainboxes is one of the leading Serial communication device developers and manufacturers in the World. Product List PCMCIA Expresscard PCI Express PCI Ethernet to Serial USB to Serial Printer Bluetooth News : Industrial Ethernet Switches DIN Rail, Redundant Power and Wide Op Temp SW-005 SW-504 SW-508 5 Port Ethernet Switch Wide Power Input: +5V to +30V DC Wall Mountable, or DIN rail mountable with optional accessory Broadcast Storm Protection No software required Lifetime Support and Lifetime Warranty 4 Port Ethernet Switch Integrated DIN Rail Mount with grounding Redundant dual power inputs: +5V to +30V DC Industrial temperature…
Boundary  When noise or dust becomes an environmental issue site boundary monitoring is essential. Boundary environmental Data management An integral part of a measurement system for analysing data and reporting Software    Dust and Gases  A range of instrumentation solutions is available with a wide selection of accessories and consumables Bodily Worn, Environmental, Hand Held   Meteorogical A range of sophisticated hydrology systems for rainfall measurement Environmental Noise Exposure to excessive noise poses both an occupational and environmental hazard where routine monitoring can help mitigate the associated risks. Bodily Worn, Environmental, Hand Held   All Datasheets here
Accelerometers Force Sensors Pressure Sensors Dytran manufactures a broad range of accelerometers serving industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Laboratory, Commercial and Industrial. Our accelerometer product range covers miniature to seismic as well as a full range of triaxial accelerometers. Measure dynamic force from milli pounds to thousands of pounds. Dynamic force sensors are ideal for driving point measurements in modal analysis applications as well as many other dynamic force applications that requires ultra fast rise time and high natural frequency. Choose from a wide range of through hole designs or tapped holes on opposing sides of the sensor. Dytran pressure sensors measure dynamic pressure in diverse  applications from air bag deployment…

FUG offers more than 600 standard types of power supplies in 14 type ranges with low, medium and high output voltages and output power from some watts up to some hundreds of kilowatts.

The NTN, MCP, HCP series provide a lot of advantages and in the laboratory as well as for multipurpose tasks or special industrial applications. They can be used everywhere where highest accuracy, lowest ripple and high resolution is required.

Hanwell software Synergy Synergy software is the exciting new interface between you and your environmental conditions. Configured by you to suit a multitude of organisational requirements, Synergy provides immediate access to user friendly, secure data at the touch of a button. Synergy is the software platform system to support many current and all future Hanwell hardware and replaces the current RadioLog software. Synergy is a scalable browser based database offering a contemporary browser based management system that retains many of the underlying technical abilities of RadioLog8 but viewable in a more modern SQL format and provides significant additional user…