For dynamometer control, Magtrol offers the DSP7000 High Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller and the Model 6200 Open-Loop Controller with Display. Here is a quick comparison of the two models:

DSP7000 6200
Dynamometer Compatibility HD, ED, WB* and PB* HD & ED
Dynamometer Control closed-loop & open-loop open-loop
Compatible with M-TEST Software M-TEST 7
Display Values Torque / Speed / Power / Auxiliary / PID Torque / Speed / Power
Number of Channels 2 1
Pass/Fail Testing With M-TEST Software Built-in
Interfaces Optional RS-232 & IEEE-488 RS-232 & IEEE-488
Vacuum Fluorescent Dispaly (VFD)
More Information
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DSP7000 6200

* Requires TSC 401 Torque/Speed Conditioner