Personal exposure to dusts, gases and vapours has potential to impact on short and long term health. A range of instrumentation solutions is available with a wide selection of accessories and consumables.

Introduction to personnal air sampling

Many industrial and construction sites have the potential to expose their staff to harmful dust or vapours and gases. Inhalation is usually the most significant route of entry into the body and so monitoring the air they breathe is vitally important.


Bodily worn equipment can be used for monitoring employees’ exposure to dusts, fumes, gases and vapours.

Casella offers a range of personal sampling pumps, accessories and consumables to suit individual applications. If you need guidance on a particular hazardous material we will aim to find a relevant method and Casella equipment you need.


Environmental dust measurements can be taken over short, medium or long term periods.  Casella provides hand held, semi-permanent, or permanent systems depending on  the application.


Real time instruments for the monitoring of dusts and aerosols are ideal for short term walk through surveys. Ergonomically designed for portability and ease of use the Casella products will allow quick, instant results.