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Magtrol’s Customized Motor Test Systems (CMTS) are PC-based, turnkey systems custom designed and built to meet your specific motor testing requirements. By integrating Magtrol’s motor test equipment with power supplies, adaptable fixtures, custom tables/cabinets, printers, etc., Magtrol’s engineering team can customize PC-based, turnkey systems and modular test benches for almost any motor test application.

A Magtrol CMTS may contain any of the following:

One or more Dynamometers
Programmable Dynamometer Controller
Power Analyzer
M-TEST Software
Motor Power Supply (AC and/or DC)
Computer and Printer
GPIB Cards and Cables
Custom Test Stand, Table or Cabinet
Motor Fixturing for Small Motors
Multiple Point Temperature Measurement
Cooling System
On-Site Services: commissioning & technical training

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